The Caravan Farm Theatre National Playwrights Retreat brings together a group of Canadian playwrights to write and connect with each other on the land.  The retreat is created with a strong belief in:

  • the positive impact of the rural landscape and lifestyle on the creative process;
  • the value of fellowship in the creative process;
  • and the Caravan Farm Theatre, as a rural, farm based arts organization, being a resource for all Canadian Theatre Artists.

Playwrights are supported with time and space to write and create, dramaturgical support and opportunities to connect with the land and each other.

2018 is the inaugural year of the National Playwrights Retreat and will be led by Program Director and Dramaturg Vicki Stroich.

2018 participants:  Carmen Aguirre, Melody Anderson, Peter Anderson, Elena Belyea, Geoffrey Simon Brown, Linz Kenyon, Dorian Kohl, DD Kugler, Scott Maynard, John Millard, Corey Payette, Tracey Power, Ken Smedley, Vicki Stroich, Jacob Zimmer