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(or how grandfather finally came in out of the cold)

By Sean Dixon
Directed by Courtenay Dobbie

Magdalena and Ida’s mother is off transforming the world by helping people come in from the cold. And she will not come home for the holidays unless her work is done. So when Magdalena and Ida discover a man who sleeps outside under bridges and on top of garbage heaps all winter long, they decide to offer him shelter in hopes that their mother will return. And by their act of kindness, the man will come to mean more to them than they’ll ever know.

Inspired by the Danish winter-time practice of Hygge: creating a warm indoor atmosphere in the dark months of winter and enjoying the good things in life, Bedstefader is a comedy that will make you want to curl up by the fireside with loved ones and open your heart to those in need.

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