This Summer, Caravan Farm Theatre presents The Tragical Comedy of Punch & Judy, by Jacob Richmond, with music by Hank Pine. It is the story of Mr. Punch, who, along with his wife Judy, The Devil, Pretty Polly, Joey the Clown, Jack Ketch the Hangman, Scaramouch, and Mr. Pugs the Shaved Monkey, have been performing their famous, children’s puppet show, Punch & Judy, for over 350 years. When Judy grows tired of the show’s insolent, unsophisticated humour and falls in love with the handsome and refined actor, Oedipus Rex, Mr. Punch goes on a journey to win her back. Under the Devil’s direction, Mr. Punch must learn how to become a kind, compassionate, and beautiful person. The Tragical Comedy of Punch & Judy will feature an antique, circus-like aesthetic; large‐scale puppets, a live three-piece band, horse drawn carts with unfolding stages, big and colourful costumes, loud wigs, painted masks, and plumed ponies.  –A Summer comedy for the whole family to enjoy!