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Our donors are an essential part of the Caravan Farm Theatre. Your gift today helps us to create new ways of storytelling, connection, and allows us to provide meaningful experiences for you.

This pandemic has given us an opportunity to shift our perspective and dream about how to share this space differently. It has taught us that ritual and tradition are important, but not necessarily fixed points. That community, and relationships, are what is truly essential. 

What does it mean to be a theatre company in this day and age? An age when we are deemed a nonessential service? We think we are here to remind you, through stories, music, and the very act of gathering, of the most essential things of all: community, relationships, love. 

Your contribution will help us maintain creations: it will help us support the artists, care for our venue, and maintain the momentum of the last few years, so that we can come back healthy and ready to make some great theatre happen next spring. 

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